Friday, June 8, 2012

Woman Harassed on Paran

The following story happened to my wife. On Monday 5/28, walking on Paran near Maavar Mitla, someone that looks like an American yeshiva guy started following and harassing my wife. First, while walking towards her, he started by saying "hello" and "what's up" to her. After repeating this a couple of times, she looked around and realized that he must be talking to her.

She makes a face at him, turns around, and starts walking back to our house, while he started to make dirty and inappropriate comments. He also remarked "What you so scared about?" although it was pretty obvious why at that point. He kept on following her, she kept her pace up and didn't turn around again. She was lucky to be near our home and ended up safe.  

The guy appeared to be in the low/mid 20's, spoke English, was wearing a tie and no jacket. He did not look outwardly suspicious. I would like everyone to know this story so that we can be careful and prevent bad things from this guy and others like him in the future. Also, it is good to always be aware, that even though someone looks like a normal person ie. American, yeshiva guy, not outwardly retarded, doesn't mean that they can't have a screw loose inside. Therefore we should be careful and not judge a book by its cover, and think that someone is OK because they look like a regular avreich.

This story happens to be the inspiration to start this blog, especially after I posted about it in the N'shei email list and I got some feedback from others with similar stories, that I will post soon.

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