Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lady Harassed on Ramat HaGolan

For illustration purposes only 
I was called by a woman who related to me her story on June 6, of how she was harassed on Ramat HaGolan street, right near Mevo Di Zahav. As she was walking on Ramat HaGolan, a man driving a car, called out to her asking for directions. As she was directing him where to go, he started to say really inappropriate things to her. She ran away from the car and the car sped off before she thought to glance at the license plate. 

While this story does not sound particularly special, it's the description of the antagonizer that perked my ears; that of a typical Orthodox Jew. Including the standard white shirt, black pants, and even a beard for extra points. This is similar to other stories from around, whereby perverts and abusers are using the Charedi dress to disguise their true, disgusting intentions. 

A fuller description of the perv- he's an Israeli, that speaks English with an accent. Also, he is stocky/overweight and appears to look in his late 20's (although the beard may be the reason for that.) Be'ezras Hashem we will catch this guy the next time around.

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