Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Renaming

This blog has been started less than a week ago. When I started off, I named it Patrol Ramat Eshkol. Eventually I decided to change the name to Kol Ramat Eshkol, to reflect two things. A) Kol/קול means "voice", as I would like this blog to be the "voice" of topics unspoken until now, mainly abuse prevention. B) Kol/כל means "everything", as I eventually decided to not only focus on abuse and harassment, because it's very helpful to residents if I post all the general news that pertains to Ramat Eshkol.

Now, the reason I am mentioning all this is because I wasn't paying attention when I renamed the blog. Just days before, in the N'shei Ramat Eshkol email, an askan posted a project called "HaKol of Ramat Eshkol", where people get together to help effect change in the neighborhood, one agenda at a time. Today, he notified me of the similarities. 

Being that both of us are working in the same arena, serving the community, I decided that I must rename this blog again. I am hoping that some of you can give me some good ideas in the comments on what to name this blog...

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