Sunday, June 24, 2012

Readers Write-In/Suspicious Man On Paran

(For illustration purposes only)
(Editors note: The following was emailed to us by one of this blog's readers.)

This afternoon, I saw a man on the Paran shopping strip acting in a suspicious manner. He was dressed like he was religious, with a beard and a cap. He was hanging out near the candy store for a bit, not doing anything in particular. I felt uneasy because he was near my young child, so we went down the block to look at merchandise outside a different store. 

About 10 minutes later, he appeared in front of that store and picked up something from the floor, passed near my kid, then acted like he was browsing through their wares...not really doing much besides looking busy. He hung around there for some time, while I watched him and my kid carefully. He finally went back the way he had come. I did not see him do anything wrong, but feel that parents should be extra vigilant in busy areas such as in front of those stores.



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