Sunday, June 10, 2012

Man Asks Kids to Help Carry CD's

A man dressed like a Charedi, has been asking kids to help him carry his CD's. The following is a repost of the incident posted in the N'shei Ramat Eshkol email on June 7:

A man (dressed like a charaidi) has been walking around the neighborhood offering children five shekel if they will help him with his CD's.  (He may change his lines.) Please watch out for your children and call the police if you see anything suspicious.
We have here another case of  a man that looks religious, targeting the neighborhood kids. I may deduct based on the description of him looking Chareidi, that he is probably not the same person that was taking pictures of kids at the Igloo Park. That pervert was wearing a knitted kippah, and it's likely that he isn't changing disguises from Mizrachi to Charedi. Although, he may be the same person that was targeting kids near Mishkan Esther, it is very hard to know with the amount of information given in the classified ads. 

Which reminds me of another reason I feel this blog is necessary; there has to be an appropriate venue for people to describe their incidents and perpetrators to the community, in order for the public to be more knowledgeable and vigilant. If everyone knew what to look out for, the perverts would be off the streets much faster. We need people snapping pictures, taking down license plates, and giving accurate descriptions that include height, skin color, hair, build, language/accent, and other descriptive features.

I don't think that N'shei email list is the appropriate venue, as it is meant for classifieds and not as a place to write lengthy descriptions of abusers. Also, a place is needed for people to have a two-way discussion of the issues at hand, instead of just reading about something and not being able to help. This is not meant as a knock to N'shei, as I do commend them for what they have done so far and for the excellent job they do as an anonymous chessed.


  1. My son was approached by this man and he went with him. B'H nothing too big happened to him but they did see him in the neighborhood a few days later.

    1. Can you provide us with some details- including age, location of these events, nationality etc?

  2. "B'H nothing too big happened to him"

    Did something small happen to him? Big in comparison to what?