Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Child Abuse Close Call

This is another incident that happened a week after the first incident that I posted. The following is reposted from the N'shei Ramat Eshkol email on March 16:
This is a public service announcement from another concerned resident: My chessed girl notified me that there was an older man wearing a knitted yarmulka who was walking around the Igloo park with a camera and taking pictures.  He went over to children who were playing by themselves and asked them, "are your parents here?"  He spoke Hebrew and English.  She called the police but the man left before anything happened.
So about a week before this story, another kid was approached by a suspected abuser. This week we have a man taking pictures of the kids, probably planning out his next target. This needs to stop, and it must stop now. I call on everyone to try to be as vigilante as possible, to call the cops right away, take pictures of suspicious individuals, and to try to get as clear a description as possible. License plates can be an especially good method for the cops (and vigilantes) to track criminals and abusers.

A little work, can make a big difference. Let us not dig our heads in the sand, as we all truly know that no community is insusceptible to the problems that just .1% can cause.


  1. Similar incidents have happened in Rechavia too. Be careful!!!

  2. I don't doubt you. My cousin in Har Nof told me that an incident has just happened there too. These horrible acts happen all over the place, but as of now, due to time constraints, I'm gonna try to focus on what happens in or near Ramat Eshkol.