Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Beginning...

I have decided to start this blog to benefit the English speaking Ramat Eshkol community. The main reason I have for undertaking this project is due to all the recent postings in the N'shei Ramat Eshkol email list about suspicious people, predators, and criminals. These immoral people, targeting our kids, wives and homes, are to starting to feel like they're here to stay. I plan about blogging about these suspicious people, crimes, and similar events, to help paint a picture of what's happening around the neighborhood.

I hope this blog can cause some community members to brainstorm for solutions and eventually effect meaningful change. Also, if I find the time, I may decide to post about other things too, as long as it helps the community. בעזרת השם נעשה ונצליח.

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