Sunday, June 17, 2012

Readers Write-In/Woman Harassed Near Old Age Home

(Editors note: The following was emailed to us by one of this blog's readers. The story is a little outdated, but the reality is the same.)

It was about 2 yrs ago so I dont know if its relevant to today's safety. But just to warn people- I was walking alone on paran on motzi shabbos (about 11ish).  The stores are all closed, so its much more deserted. It was the part of paran between the nursing home and paran 4- no buildings (across from Yesh).

There was a car pulled over and when I walked past the driver, (an unreligious Israeli) he asked me for directions to Har Nof. When I said I didnt know, he kept pressing me for more info. Then he started saying/doing weird and inappropriate things that made it obvious what his real agenda was. B"H my building was the next one and I ran the whole way home.

This person may still be around. A women should never walk by herself at night. (I was returning from a shiur). Women should be wary and not give directions...

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