Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Igloo Park: Keep The Kids Away Or Keep 'em On A Leash

After reading this weeks N'shei Ramat Eshkol email, it seems to me that we may have a repeat offender on the loose. I repost the following quote for your perusal:
PSA from a Concerned Neighbor - There is a man who is not 100% who frequents the Igloo park, saying things like "cute, cute" whenever he sees kids. He seems harmless and I don't want to cause unnecessary concern, but I wanted to let parents know that I found him at the top of the hill, in the sewer area of the Igloo park, with two boys who were around 10 years-old. He was having an arm wrestle with one of the boys and they were playing and shmoozing with him. It could be that nothing suspicious was going on, but something about them being in a very secluded area together and the way they were playing together made me feel uncomfortable.
We have here a case of a mentally deranged person on the loose, which whom no one seems to care enough/able to get him off the streets. It also seems likely that this is the same man from the last Igloo Park incident, where the man approached children asking if their parents are around, while blatantly snapping pictures of them. In my book, anyone dumb enough to take pictures of kids in front of other adults, is obviously deranged. That's where I connect the two stories.

There has to be some way to get this man off the streets. My idea is to complain to the cops until he's institutionalized. What's your thoughts?

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  1. Yes, definitely report him to the police. You can start by calling the iriya number (I think it's 106 in Jerusalem) and explain the situation and they can give you a number the right number to call at the police. Do not wait another day. Call ASAP.