Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Local Email Listings

A new email listing service has been started today for us Ramat Eshkol'ers. I noticed a bunch of signs posted all over Ramat Eshkol advertising the new service. The service advertises itself as completely free to post/free to subscribe email list, and the email is sent out every Motzei Shabbos. I contacted the person running the listing service, and was sent the following info:
Weekly Ramat Eshkol Free Listings by Email 
We list Gemachim, Shiurim, For Sale, Rentals, Lost & Found, Local businesses, neighbourly notices etc. All Adverts are FREE and any email address can sign up. Sign up or send us an advert at
Honestly, I do not know who the person running this service is, but I'm quite happy that this has been started. As some readers may know, recently, the N'shei Ramat Eshkol email list has become partially commercialized, while the necessity of a free email list is important. I don't mean to knock the person/people running the N'shei list, as they have done a terrific job. Rather, I believe that this is the type of job that in order to be done properly, it must be done as chessed. 

 The person running the new email list notified me that their service is not-for-profit, so I would rather go through them. 

On a side note-one thing I always wanted to do is to have listings posted on the internet. I can't stand reading through these long emails. I hate searching, even using gmail. Also, it would be much better for everyone on the list if they would reach a larger audience. Anyways, I was never given permission to post the weekly emails of either email list, so I haven't yet posted anything. I was thinking of starting an email list myself but will not do so out of time constraints. 

Meanwhile, you can check out our list of email list over here, and you can always contact us if there are any mistakes or omissions.

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