Monday, July 23, 2012

Kashrus of Catered Events

The following is from Yechiel Spira of Jerusalem Kosher News: Regular followers of JKN are aware that on a number of occasions I have addressed the issues that may arise regarding catered affairs. All too often we make the incorrect assumption that an event is “badatz” when in actuality this is not so. In actuality, many affairs lack any kashrus supervision. Simply stated, too many of us lack the awareness that a problem may exist.
Baruch Hashem, a number of English-speaking rabbis in Israel have undertaken to (1) increase awareness, (2) set a standard for their respective congregations, and (3) encourage caterers to comply with the desires of communities towards enjoying catered events with valid kashrut certification.
The letter, which was written, signed and distributed by the Rabbonim, is viewable by clicking the image above.

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